The SWWMGIRLS AFFILIATE PROGRAM is being assembled and organized right now.

The fact our Program will offer those who are accepted and decide to participate in our SWWM’s Program which, so much more than the abundance of your basic and typical Programs out there.

There is so much more to do on our end. Both of what you see and what you don’t see that is running this fantastic Program!

There is much to assemble regarding our Program especially with the introduction of five, truly unique swimwear lines. We want them all to be visually stunning with locations and swimwear designs to match.

We have also chosen what is probably our most far-reacghing and research oriented, intense swimwear line, Global Reaching swimwear line: WATERWEAR.BIZ

We are also preparing for and anticipating for what could quite a large response., with many photograph and videos.

We have set an above standard for those girls who would like to participate and to be fair, we have placed high standards and lofty goals on ourselves, mainly because, we have devised not just your standard Affiliate Program but, one that has multiple streams of potential, long-term income.

You will never have to work with a “middle man” or “third party”. We have manufactured swimwear for nearly 16 years and design, produce, manufacture and sell only everything we sell which, undoubtedly is the best position to be in for all concerned.

t to be a fantastic opportunity for a potential SWWMGIRL with both of us utilizing the internet to its max.

It’s a true win-win situation for both of us. It will be fun, we’ll both gain World Wide exposure and has the potential to be quite lucrative financially!